#UNLEASH2018, its all about relationships !

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

I met Anna from Finland at the lunch line. The conversation started as we were both wearing red dresses and we joked how easy it is to spot us.

Anna is an L&D manager from Finland, working in an 8,000 employees company all around Europe. While choosing our salads and waiting to pay, we spoke about the conference, systems, processes and acquisitions. When we set down to eat together, we moved to talk about our work, travel and work-life balance. But eventually, we spoke the most about our kids. We found out we both have kids in similar ages and quickly moved to talk about them. When we said goodbye I couldn't stop thinking about how in the end although coming from different places - we still have so much in common.

2 hours later- a great keynote by Esther Perel speaking about relationships- at work and home.

Looking back at the conference- this is the main thing I'm taking with me- it's all about relationships, asking questions and thinking about how we connect with stakeholders and candidates.

For the second audience- listening to an excellent Candidate experience panel hosted by Gerry Crispin.

I summarised the steps mentioned by the panel participants for creating a great candidate experience-

  1. Create a candidate experience expert role- establish a position for a dedicated person that will own the vision and process, and take the candidate experience forward in your organisation.

  2. Emphasise the recruiter's responsibility - and even measure them on their results and candidate satisfaction.

  3. Educate managers on how to communicate with candidates and also how to communicate rejections.

  4. Ask candidates for their opinions and feedback- track the candidate journey and send candidate experience survey for candidates in different process stages.

  5. Speak with new employees about their experience but also try to talk with the ones that were rejected and hear their opinion.

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for the coming Unleash conference- check here.

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