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Updated: Oct 31, 2018

We all have bad days – not just in recruitment. There are days when I want to punch the wall, close my computer, so I don't have to answer another email, open the office door and leave everything behind.

On these days I try to remind myself of something I learned in a conflict workshop – it’s not personal. No-one is trying to drive me crazy on purpose. So, I usually take a deep breath and go and make coffee before answering the email, or picking up the phone.

But, from time to time it feels great to raise from the grave all the zombies and ghosts of the recruitment process, put on your ghostbusters gear and name all the things that drive you insane as a recruiter.

Ghostbusters here we go!

The ghost of the miracle worker-

Sorry business stakeholders, witchcraft is still not my thing. So- No, it’s not possible to relocate someone to another country within 2 days. No, I can’t find and hire an advanced skilled programmer with all the latest technologies in hand in 24 hours. No, in a hot candidates market for complex roles, you cannot get 50 people in only a few days to sign in. You get my point. When your recruiter tells you they have a concern, it means you asked for magic. we can pull a few rabbits out our hats, but let's keep a reality check on the market and recruitment requests.

The interviews where all hell breaks loose!

We all been there- some interviewers will ask all the wrong questions, from asking people about their pregnancy plans or their age to whether they can work every day until 10pm. Some interviewers clearly missed the 101 interview course.

The candidate's godmother fairy-

Believe me, I'm all about candidate experience, and it's my role to get the pumpkin to turn into a magical carriage if needed. But unfortunately, we all have some limitations. I think I heard and experienced it all- From whatsup messages in the middle of the night, to sending the application 500 times to check the recruitment team response. From pats relocation questions to fierce "let's change one word in the contract " negotiations. I'm always happy to grant wishes but fairies also have budget concerns.

The outlaw business troll -

There are times when the business seems to “ignore” local regulations and employment law. No, you cannot bring someone into the country without a proper visa. No, you cannot ask someone to work for you without signing a contract, no he cannot start working for free as part of a probation period. Just apply common sense, please…

The “bring me his head” hiring manager-

There are hiring managers who still think they just need to sit back in their chairs and wait for the applications to roll in- I'm sorry, but it no longer works like that. You need to be active and visible – candidates want to see you, and you need to be involved in the process. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, set one up today. No-one is coming to work for the recruiter – they are coming to work for you and your team, so please get involved.

The managers/ candidates ghosting trick–

I often see how candidates and managers just disappear from the process. Recruiters don't have mind-reading skills, we can not guess what happened if you don't tell us. for managers, If you don't share and explain what you like or don't like in the candidate, there’s no chance we can improve and learn. Hiring managers- share your feedback. Tell us what you thought right after the interview, don’t let us chase you for days. Candidates, if something is not working for you don’t just disappear, disconnect the phone and leave the country, tell us what happened- we might be able to change things and if not, let’s say our goodbyes as friends.

And last but not least, the "we need this for yesterday" demon-

This demon if a good friend of the miracle worker ghost. completing any task in a professional manner takes more then a few minutes. recruiting someone and getting him onboard takes more than 24 hours. When everything is for yesterday, the sense of urgency loses his purpose. Save the crisis mod for a real crisis, so we can balance the day to day recruitment.

we all have bad days, the secret to managing them is to have a great Ghostbusters team with you, that can save the city-

happy Halloween to my team and colleagues!

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