12 days of Christmas! my favourite tools, apps, extensions and websites

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, A partridge in a pear tree…" I have to admit, I can always remember just the first five lines, after that between the ladies that are dancing and the swans that are swimming, it usually gets mixed up.

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, so inspired by the 12 days of Christmas I want to present to you my 12 tools for Christmas.

The list includes my favourite tools, apps, extensions and websites that every recruiter should be familiar with. I hope you will enjoy!

1. Canva- Canva is a great free tool for creating job ads and social media posts. You can also use templates to create banners, infographics and much more. The free version works well, and you can use your own brand pictures if you like.

2. Typeform- one of my favourite tools! Type form allows you to create different online forms and surveys. You can create quick candidate satisfaction surveys, application forms for meetups, a quick registration form for career fairs and much more! The tool is super easy to use and provide basic templates that can help you with building the structure you need. You can use "IF" logic options, to create more complex questioners and surveys. The results and data collected can be download to an excel. The tool is mobile friendly, what makes it ideal for career fairs when you can just ask the candidates to use a QR code that leads them to an online typeform registration form. The premium version payment is very affordable and allows you more functions and options ( like to customising your URL).

3. QR code creator- There are many different sites that can help you to create your own QR code. Using a QR code is an excellent way to invite candidates to a specific URL’s when using brochures and roll-ups/ads in career fairs and meetups. Try this site for example, Or this one.

4. Social talent sourcing hub- one of my old times "friends", this site will help you with creating better Boolean strings. Using the job title, skills and location the site help you to generate an advanced Boolean string , by adding to your input automatically more job titles options and skills buzzwords. you can easily copy paste to Linkedin, Google or any other search engine.

5. Linkedin blacklist- one of recruiters biggest fears is to find themselves in the “LinkedIn Jail” ( getting your LinkedIn account blocked or deleted) for using plugins and extensions on Linkedin to find candidates personal emails and phones, that Linkedin do not approve of. JOSEF KADLEC list highlight the extension names you should avoid- as you will see its a very long one, But worth checking from time to time.

6. Tech terms- Tech terms is your own tech dictionary, the site offer you to search different tech terms and provide info and explanation for each one of them.

7. Glossary tech- this is my newest addition to my toolkit!, this chrome extension highlight tech terms in LinkedIn and other social media profiles and provide a short explanation when you hover over the word- extremely useful when searching for candidates profiles! ( also works on Hiretual).

8. Feedly- Feedly is a mobile app that provides “one-stop shop” for your professional blogs and news. When registering with the app, you create your own reading list according to the topics you are interested in, so instead of browsing different sites you have everything in one place. You can share and save from the app to social media or move articles to publish later on your buffer app.

9. Buffer- Buffer is one of my favourites for easy social media posts. The app allows you to create an automated schedule for your social media posts, so you can time your activity on Twitter, Linkedin etc. the way I use it, is by collecting on buffer different articles and news that I want to share and let the app do the sharing for me at specific times, to balance my activity online.

10. Glassdoor –you might know Glassdoor as the place to check your company reviews, but it's also a great for market and competitors analysis tool. You can find easily market information about salaries and competitor’s benefits. When you have a final candidate, check where he/ she is coming from and what benefits the current company is giving, this can help you in the offer negotiation process.

11. Pay scale- this tool was introduced to me by my team, when we did market research for upcoming projects. Pay scale allows you to research salary average and trends in specific locations. You can choose the country and the job title and get salary data ( average, min, max and other info). very useful when discussing with hiring managers the market trends and talent pool, and also as a tool to make decisions regarding candidates offers.

12. “Focus to do”- our days as recruiters are full of excitement, we can easily drift to social media, office conversations and even responding to emails. For those times that you need to focus on sourcing or CV reviews- the “ focus to do” app for your mobile, offer a countdown using the Pomodoro method- 25 min work and then 5 min break, following by another 25 min work. This is a great way to focus and create time for specific tasks.

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